How we work

With a dedicated team of experts and partners around the world, we influence policy and bring about structural change. We identify root causes of inequities , present solutions, and call for action. Our work improves systems for health, and the well-being of people across the world. This is how we work:

We work in partnerships We work with civil society organizations from all over the world, participate in European and global networks, link with expert groups, and create new alliances. It is our aim to link global and national level developments and discussions. We actively share our network and knowledge with partner organizations, so they can take up seats at the decision-making tables. Sometimes this also means giving up our seat to make space for others.

We build evidence We analyze problems that hinder health justice and come up with solutions. Mostly, we do this together with partners in low- and middle-income countries, based on their most urgent health issues. Jointly, we gather sound information on which we build our positions and recommendations for structural change. 

We lobby and advocate As an organization based in the Netherlands, we convince our Dutch government and by extension the European Union and global health institutions to actively support structural changes. In our lobby & advocacy we collaborate with allies worldwide. W e align our global interventions with the advocacy work in countries, ensuring our focus is relevant and contributes to national level improvements in health. We also call out power asymmetries in global health institutions and aim to make way for organizations in low- and middle-income countries to spearhead change. 


Our strategy

The image below illustrates the way we work. You can click to enlarge it.

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