Recording webinar on regional production for equitable access to medicines

24/5/2023 - Video

How can regional production of medicines and other health technologies be strengthened in a way that it truly ensures equitable access and countries’ self-reliance and sovereignty? This question was central to our webinar in the run-up to the 76th World Health Assembly. Representatives of leading stakeholders gave their views on this topical question. The recording of this webinar is now available on our YouTube channel.


  • Dr Jicui Dong – Head of the Local Production and Assistance Unit at the World Health Organization
  • Professor Petro Terblanche – Managing Director of Afrigen, host of the mRNA hub in South Africa
  • Dr Moses Mulumba – Director General of Afya na Haki
  • Ademola Osigbesan – Head of Strategic Sourcing and Supply at Unitaid
  • Antonio Perrelli – Global Health Advocate at Wemos

The webinar was moderated by Ella Weggen, Senior Global Health Advocate at Wemos.

Please also read our position paper: ‘Eyes on the prize: regional production of medicines to achieve health equity, sovereignty and self-reliance’.

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