Position paper on regional production for equitable access to medicines

16/5/2023 - Report

Health equity and countries’ sovereignty and self-reliance must be and remain the core objectives when strengthening regional production of medicines and other health technologies. This is what Wemos states in a new position paper. In this publication, we elaborate on these core objectives, what it takes to achieve them and the current state of affairs. We also call for a global action plan.

The Covid-19 pandemic made once more apparent how dependent low- and middle-income countries are on high-income countries when it comes to access to pharmaceutical products. To end this dependency, the African Union aims to increase its own production capacity. Furthermore, the member states of the World Health Organization adopted a resolution committing them to increase equitable global access to these products by strengthening regional manufacturing.

In the coming years, it will be determined how, to what extent and under what conditions regional production capacity will be built up. According to Wemos, it is crucial that the objectives of health equity, sovereignty and self-reliance remain the focus of strengthening regional production, and that these are not undermined by other interests or technical discussions.

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